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Blockchain Startups...

  • Are you an early stage startup working on a blockchain-based/web3 solution with transformative potential? 

  • Is blockchain technology a crucial component to solving the problem you are addressing? 

  • Are you interested in securing fast funding to move your company forward?  

  • Do you want to build an on-going relationship with a network of mentors and other blockchain startups? 

  • Is anyone on your team located in the Northeast region of the United States*?

*Note: Chain Reaction will accept applications from anywhere in the world, but preference will be given to startups in the Northeast region as proximity will enhance the mentorship opportunities and help strengthen the Boston blockchain ecosystem.  

What you can expect after applying...

  • Your application will be reviewed by a committee of Chain Reaction members

  • You will receive initial feedback in a timely manner

  • If your startup is selected to continue with the Chain Reaction process, you will either be invited to present at an upcoming monthly meeting or to pitch directly to interested Chain Reaction Members 

  • If your startup is ultimately selected to join the Chain Reaction portfolio, you can expect to receive an investment of $50K - $100K+ from Chain Reaction investors

  • If your startup is not selected to move forward at any stage, individual investors may decide to continue the conversation with you independently

  • Regardless of the outcome at any stage, you will receive timely and respectful follow up

Monthly Meeting & Chain Reaction Pitch Details

Monthly Meeting

Once a month we invite 2-4 companies to our monthly meeting to give a short pitch to our investors. The purpose of this pitch is to learn more about your company and offer useful feedback. If there is sufficient interest coming out of this meeting, you will then be invited to give a more extensive pitch to our investors.

Chain Reaction Pitch

If you are invited to pitch to Chain Reaction (either following the monthly meeting or directly), you will be invited to a private pitch meeting at a mutually convenient time.


In order to respect your time and advance your company as quickly as possible, we aim to notify you of Chain Reaction's investment decision within one week of your pitch.

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