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Chain Reaction - icon - grey blue color.

Individual Members


George Gong

Principal Founding Member

  • George Gong LinkedIn
Eliza Petrow.png

Eliza Petrow

Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Eliza Petrow LinkedIn
Terry Couto_edited.jpg

Terry Couto

  • Terry Couto LinkedIn
John Hargrave.jpg

Sir John Hargrave

  • John Hargrave LinkedIn
Gagan Prakash.jpg

Gagan Prakash

  • Gagan PrakashLinkedIn
sean sweeney.jpeg

Sean Sweeney

  • Sean Sweeney LinkedIn
Steve Eddleston.jpeg

Steve Eddleston

  • Steve Eddleston LinkedIn

Ken Mooney

  • Ken Mooney LinkedIn

Max Risman

  • Max Risman LinkedIn
Dave Walls.png

Dave Walls

  • Dave Walls LinkedIn

John Grayson

  • John Grayson LinkedIn
Tom Pappas.jpg

Tom Pappas

  • Tom Pappas LinkedIn
Forest Lake

Michael Schwabe

  • Michael Schwabe LinkedIn
Aidan head shot (1) (1)

Aidan Yeaw

  • Aidan Yeaw LinkedIn
Chain Reaction - icon - grey blue color.

Venture Capital Members


Nina Dagbjartsson

Companyon Vertical Dark Background PNG.png
  • Nina Dagbjartsson LinkedIn

Firas Raouf

Companyon Vertical Dark Background PNG.png
  • Firas Raouf LinkedIn
Jeremy Wallis.jpeg

Jeremy Wallis

  • Jeremy Wallis LinkedIn
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