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Chain Reaction Investors Invest, Source & Network

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Chain Reaction's members have a broad range of industry and investment experience, including technology, finance, healthcare, higher education and non-profit. They are active, engaged and accredited investors with extensive global networks and a passion for the limitless potential of blockchain. 

Chain Reaction's members are committed to making smart & fast investment decisions in this dynamic sector and they are dedicated to being an integral part of the Blockchain Revolution.

Chain Reaction Members...

Are individual investors building their own investment portfolios (Chain Reaction is not a fund)


Are accredited investors (per Regulation D) with the ability and willingness to invest a minimum of $10,000 per deal (investment in every opportunity is not required for membership)

Are committed to a streamlined, efficient deal evaluation and investment process as well as quick decision making

Contribute to the deal flow pipeline by introducing suitable applicants to the group and acting as Chain Reaction representatives in the greater startup community

Introduce interested and qualified investors to help grow the group membership and community

Seek to build ongoing relationships and value a culture based on respect and constructive feedback

Facilitate introductions between Chain Reaction startups and their extensive global networks 


Actively participate in the larger blockchain ecosystem and are dedicated to growing and strengthening the blockchain community in the Northeast and beyond

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