Chain Reaction Partners

Alchemi Capital

A collaborative, vertically integrated ecosystem for venture financing and development

Blockchain Fintech Innovation Meetup

A Boston meetup for

Distributed Ledger Technology entrepreneurs, traders and investors

Fulgar Ventures

Fulgar Ventures invests in early stage startups

focused on Bitcoin and

the Lightning Network

New Form Capital

A fund that serves as a bridge for traditional wall street capital allocators to emerging fintech opportunities powered by blockchain

BitBlock Capital

A multinational token fund focusing on digital asset investments and providing chain services including project incubation and brand promotion

Blockchain Investors Supergroup

A meetup for anyone interested in investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space

Jubilee Capital Management

JCM supports leading technology startups with strong cross-border potential and excellence in innovation and execution

Spark Blockchain Incubator

A blockchain consulting and incubation service provider in North America with developer relations at its core

Blockchain and AI Rising Syndicate

Blockchain and AI Rising Syndicate co-invests with VC or notable angels via a single add on check

Boston Blockchain Investors

An educational meetup focused on learning about investment opportunities in blockchain startups and cryptocurrency

Media Shower

A global media platform that builds your blockchain audience

Wisemont Capital

A VC fund focused on early stage technology startups, especially in B2B and enterprise software, IoT, and healthcare

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