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George Gong is an entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor with over twenty years of international business experience in the Information Technology industry. In 1995, George co-founded Beyondsoft, a leading global IT service and solutions company, and worked as Executive Manager and Board Director for 15 years.

In 2012, Beyondsoft went public in China, and its market value was over US $2 billion in 2015 with over 8,000 employees around the world.


Since 2010, George has been living in New Zealand and dedicating significant personal and financial investment to help young entrepreneurs through programs including Lightning Lab Auckland, Firstcut Ventures, IceAngels and Jubilee Tech Fund. His latest start-up, Zino Ventures, is the first Chinese angel fund in New Zealand. He raised half of the $2 million fund in only two weeks as founding partner and chairman. In addition, in 2017 George was appointed as a board member of Callaghan Innovation, a New Zealand government agency with an over $300 million annual budget created to help New Zealand-based businesses create and adopt new technology. He is the first immigrant to serve in this role.


In 2015, George co-founded Jublilee Capital Management (JCM), the Singapore-based venture capital firm that manages a $100 million fund and invests in technical startups around the Pacific Ocean, including China, Silicon Valley, SEAN, Australia and New Zealand. JCM has recently focused on investing in blockchain and ICOs. Similarly, George’s recent angel investment focus has been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, which he believes have the potential to be as revolutionary as the Internet and transform the way we do business, live, work and consume.


As an entrepreneur, investor and mentor, George’s goal is to help talented entrepreneurs around the world

who have global ambition in the IT sector by providing both financial investment and key

connections to international markets.

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