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About Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction - icon - grey blue color.

Blockchain is unique - deals move quickly, the path from concept to exit can be short and only

nimble investors will thrive. Chain Reactions' founders realized that they were missing out on opportunities in this fast-paced transformative technology. The more traditional investment approach - which often includes a lengthy diligence process - was not allowing them to keep up with blockchain investors elsewhere in the world, many of whom are known to make same day investment decisions.

Chain Reaction's founders also recognized that the Northeast had all of the necessary ingredients for building and sustaining a robust blockchain ecosystem: a constant influx of talent from over 100 universities, a diversity of industries ripe for blockchain-based disruption - particularly healthcare - and a strong

financial and investment sector.

These realizations led to the creation of Chain Reaction - a group of investors with the drive 

to fast-track the investment process and the dedication to bolster the blockchain community

in the Northeast and beyond.

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